Adult Health


Women's Way

Women's Way provides a way to pay for most breast and cervical cancer screenings for eligible North Dakota women. Screening is important for you and your family. For more information call 1-800-44-women (1-800-449-6636) or visit Women's Way

Health Maintenance for Older Americans

UMDHU receives federal Title III funds to provide health maintenance services to individuals 60 years old and older. The funding is to provide foot care throughout the health district at clinic sites or as a home visit. We seek to serve individuals experiencing physical or mental impairment which prevents safe self care.

Services are not denied to anyone based on ability to pay. Donations are accepted, which allows services to be provided to a greater number of people. Aging Services Clients (60 and older) will not be denied services due to an inability or unwillingness to contribute and any contribution is purely voluntary. Suggested donations are available upon request.

The Aging Services Program subsidizes the provision of services.